Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Born into a family whose business was women's couture, followed by degrees in both fashion and graphic design, it is not surprising that Renee Garvey would eventually find her passion in jewelry. "My goal has always been to take what is innate to me, fashion and style, and blend it with what inspires me about living in California - the beauty of the sun and sand, the water, the earth," says Renee. "I am constantly amazed at the beauty nature has to offer us and enjoy recycling those finds into little treasures to create a collection that makes people feel connected with nature, rather than just being accessorized." Renee has accomplished just that, while striving to be environmentally friendly.

She, along with her husband Tom and a staff of trained artisans have hand crafted an organic but sensuous line of Gold and Silver jewelry. Renee combines found objects like beach pebbles, opalized shells and leather with precious gems and rare stones including colored and raw Diamonds, natural Coral, Tahitian Pearls and Drusys. Rare, ancient stones from around the world are also often used in her unique collection.

Available from: Moondance