Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Maria Rudman—former model, TV-presenter, fashion stylist and photographer—grew up by a lake in Sweden, in a house filled with handcrafts made by the Sami, the original inhabitants of northern Scandinavia.

Part of Rudman's family stemmed from Arctic Lapland, where Sami—once known as Laps—have lived among the reindeer herds since the beginnings of time. It has taken Rudman many years of research and close collaboration with both Sami and other selected craftsmen to be able to present today a wide choice of high-quality accessories, created using techniques unchanged for many hundreds of years.

Rudman's logo, the cross, is the symbol of the wheel of the sun and the cardinal points: East - West - North - South. The natural balance that this represents is her way of seeing the world. Rudman lives and works in Paris, France.

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