Sunday, 15 November 2009


Donna Elissa was founded in 1969 with the aim of bringing reptile handicrafts into a modern dimension.

Their collection hints at a dynamic concept of luxury that gets down from the haute couture cat-walks to become a protagonist of everyday life; therefore strong personality handbags get on side by side with the more classic models.

Their 40 years of professional experience allows them to produce high quality products (bags, handbags, wallets and belts in crocodile, alligator, cayman, ostrich, python and lizard) working from paper patterns or from leather and tissue in their Milan workshop entirely staffed by Italian artisans.

Their bags are therefore well know for the high quality of materials and manufacture. Titta Lecco, creator and supervisor of the collection, explains: “It would have been impossible until recently to obtain a similar effect and such softness from a stiff material like crocodile. Today modern tanning allows us to produce it almost as soft as a tissue, although crocodile must keep most of its unevenness and defects as this is its glamour".

He explains that the American alligator is the most precious, the “crocodile” raised in Singapore has smaller and more squared scales, the “cayman” coming from Venezuela is identified from the darker and particular “eye“ on its scales.

“Naturally the leather obtained from an animal is a small quantity because the back is armoured and consequently of no use. As sides are often ruined, the most precious part remains the belly”.

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