Friday, 16 October 2009


The brainchild of jewellery designer Pieter Erasmus, ST ERASMUS has cultivated a style which combines traditional techniques with contemporary forms and materials.

Citing sources as varied as photography of Africa and African tribes people and the retro modernism of Fritz Lang's Metropolis with traditional arts and crafts techniques, ST ERASMUS is a unique mixture of familiar elements constructed in a way that is exquisitely unique.

Focusing on creating statement pieces through abundant surface decoration, ST ERASMUS jewellery retains a hand-created feel with a flawless finish and quality.

Harking back to the artisan techniques of India (where the designer spends much of his time) traditional methods and materials such as Zari thread (a fine gold or silver wire thread usually woven into Indian and Pakistani garments) is hand-crocheted around iridescent crystals, rings and shapes to form abstract shapes and patterns.

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