Wednesday, 30 September 2009

JUST CAMPAGNE - the other Azzedine

Not simply a renowned French brand, Just Campagne is first and foremost a symbol. Behind the intriguing name “which is unlike any other”, says creator Azzedine Berkouk, there is St Just and his humanism coupled with a nod to nature, the earth and to roots..

In 1990 Just Campagne was born in the south of France at the foot of the Black Mountain, where the passion of craftspeople dedicated to their love of working with leather combines with age-old know-how.

Azzedine Berkouk, great traveller, careful observer of the world, sensitive to the ways of different cultures, knew how to listen to women’s desires. It is while watching the gestures a woman makes when shopping that the ideas take form. “One tires of useless things. I didn’t invent the jean, but I did do the Cabas (shopping bag)” argues the man already nicknamed ‘the other Azzedine’ of fashion.

In this spirit of made to measure, Azzedine Berkouk knew how to find the right balance. “For beautiful things, one can’t chase after every trend. You must stick with your own style. The more that style is built upon, the richer it becomes.”.

Worked in first quality leather and natural fibres such as cotton, wool and linen, Just Campagne offers a range of elegant and practical bags. Just Campagne optimises the quality of its products by its guaranteed hand finished work, the choice of raw materials and the care taken in the manufacturing process.

A true trademark, Just Campagne personalises each model. Each bag has a leather label sewn onto the cotton and linen damask lining, upon which is noted the nature of the leather, the serial number and the name of the model. Thus your bag becomes a unique item.

It is by always keeping in mind the true values of the brand that Just Campagne keeps improving. The collections and the trends evolve in rhythm with women in their element.


Just Campagne
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75006 PARIS - France
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Le grand passage
5 Rue Allard
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