Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Established in 1994, Spanish label Hoss Intropia is fast becoming a name to watch for unique and beautiful clothes that transcend fashion. Each collection from Hoss Intropia is an eclectic mix aimed at today’s cosmopolitan women who don’t follow trends and want to put pieces together in an individual way to create a style all of their own.

Feminine dresses, cutting edge prints on luxurious fabrics and elegant separates create the designer Hoss Intropia womens look that you'll revisit season after season. The Hoss Intropia philosophy appeals to women of all ages who love designer clothing with a fashionable edge and timeless appeal.

Cult Spanish label Hoss Intropia was founded in 1994 by Paloma Vázquez de Castro , ex-designer to the National Ballet of Spain. In the interest of keeping their designs unique and exclusive, Hoss Intropia produce and design all of their own prints, and details are hand-beaded and embroidered. Inspired by Spanish painter Diego Velàzquez, folk art and theater costume, de Castro's collections are eclectic and youthful.

You won't find the word Intropia in any dictionary; it's a magical fusion of two words: interior and utopia, which together synthesize a philosophy not only of fashion, but of life itself.

As Virginia Wolf said at the start of the twentieth century: "the dresses, though they may seem frivolous, have a much more important role than merely covering our body. They also change our vision of the world and the vision that the world has of us".

This is the philosophy that infuses this brand: to create real and varied fashion for real flesh and blood women, without any age or size barriers, helping to bring out the best in each and every woman, encouraging her to combine the infinite possibilities of a single garment.

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